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Use WP Wand and instantly save 50x cost than any other platform. Get flexible and affordable pricing options to fit your content needs. Plus, 14 days money back guarantee with all plans.

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Best for solo business owner who needs help on unlimited content writing.

normally $49


Annual Payment

What's Included:


Best for people who work on multiple websites and provide content marketing/writing services.

normally $99


Annual Payment

What's Included:


Best for agencies who needs full freedom on content services for their unlimited clients.

normally $149


Annual Payment

What's Included:


Best for solo business owner who needs help on unlimited content writing.

normally $99


One-time Payment

What's Included:


Best for people who work on multiple websites and provide content marketing/writing services.

normally $159


One-time Payment

What's Included:


Best for agencies who needs full freedom on content services for their unlimited clients.

normally $349


One-time Payment

What's Included:

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Our #1 priority is your happiness. Which means we stand by our products 100%, no matter what, no questions asked, no hold barred, no ifs, no buts. If you don’t like your investment over the next 14 days, just reach out to our Customer Support, and we will happily refund 100% of your purchase. Happiness. Guaranteed.

All features inside WP Wand

WP Wand’s features are designed to help you get better content 20x faster and 50x cheaper. Here are the most important features which can help you grow your business fast.

Unlimited Blog Generation

There's no limit on generating blog post or regular content. You can generate any type of content without any restrictions.

Auto Bulk AI Blog Post Generator

Add your topic and let WP Wand generate bulk blog posts with one click. Keep your website updated with tons of articles.

ChatGPT Assistant Inside Editor

Write any type of AI content instantly inside your WordPress editor using our chat assistant like ChatGPT.

Human-like Premium Content

Get premium quality content just like it's written by humans. No more generic AI content that doesn't rank for you.

One Click Long Form Blog Writer

Generate high quality, SEO-optimized, ready-to-use blog posts with a single click that engage readers and ranks.

SEO Optimized Content

WP Wand helps you create SEO Optimized blog posts, articles and website content that ranks on search engines.

40+ Highly Trained Templates

We offer a 40+ different high quality templates trained on industry best-practices and proven examples.

Integrated with Gutenberg & Elementor

Effortlessly create content on your favourite editors and page builders. No more switching multiple tabs.

Personalised Content Using Advanced AI Feature

Generate quality personalized content for website, blogs and more by adding Business info, Targeted customer profile etc.

AI Image Generation

Generate unlimited number of images using AI. Use these images on pages, blog posts or anywhere without any copyright issues.

Improve Content with Powerful AI Assistant

Improve your existing blog posts and articles, or add new content with our powerful AI Assistant inside WordPress editor.

100% White Label (Agency Plan Only)

Use WP Wand's powerful features on your client's websites with your logo and branding. Start earning more from them.

Integrated with WooCommerce

Generate persuasive and informative title and description for your WooCommerce products with a single click.

Integrated with Popular SEO Plugin [Beta]

Write high performing SEO content using WP Wand with the help of popular SEO plugins like Yoast SEO & Rank Math SEO.

Generated Result History

Access to all your generated results (using templates) from a single dashboard. Reuse those whenever you need.

42+ Language Supported

Start generating content on different language. WP Wand supports more than 42 different languages.

Auto Image Suggestion (Upcoming)

Finding the right image for your blog post is very time-consuming. To solve that issue, we are bringing auto image suggestion soon.

One Click Post Translation by AI (Upcoming)

Translate your existing blog content or articles with the help of AI. Never pay extra for content translation anymore.

Customers are loving WP Wand

Here’s what others think about us

"I personally tried WP Wand and the results were like magic to me. With just a few clicks, I was able to create high-quality article. In the wise words of Aerosmith, "Even a genie needs a rubdown sometimes", and that goes for WP Wand as well. Minor adjustments were needed, but it's amazing how far we have come."
Ivica Delic
CEO & Co-Founder Freelancers Tools
"As a content creator, I'm always looking for tools that can help me write quality content faster. That's why I tried WP Wand, and I'm glad I did. I love that it works directly inside WordPress. The user interface is simple and easy to use, and the results are impressive."
Thanh Ta
From ProductHunt
"Setup process was super easy. The results were mind-blowing! I am using ChatGPT for last few months. But I never got this type of quality and formatting. Plus, I could easily insert these articles with just a click! Best AI writing tool for WordPress till now. Kudos to the team."
Yuna Kim
From wordpress.org
"Congratulations to the makers of WP Wand for creating a game-changing AI content generation plugin!"
Udayraj Parmar
Chief Marketing Officer at Desku.io
"I love how I can use my own API for WP and unlimited on WP sites. This is the best option vs limited by number of words. I like the many templates WP Wand provided as well. Great work!"
From wordpress.org
"Just loved the simplicity of this plugin. Easy to setup, easy to access and easy to use!"
Sarah J.
From wordpress.org

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have doubts? Here’s everything we think you should know.

How does WP Wand work?

WP Wand uses your OpenAI API and our advanced technology to analyze and generate content based your on input.

Simply activate the plugin on your WordPress website, connect your free or premium OpenAI API and create content directly inside WordPress editor or select a pre-made template, and let WP Wand do the rest.

How WP Wand is 50x cost saver than other platforms?

WP Wand allows users to use their own OpenAI API key to connect. This means that if you use OpenAI's most advanced model, you can create more than 20,000 words of content with just $1, which is 50x more cost-effective than other AI content creation services.

To put this into perspective, let's say you need to create 100 blog posts, each containing 1000 words. With other AI content creation services, this could cost you anywhere from $190 to $490 or more, depending on the platform and the quality of the content generated.

With WP Wand, you can generate the same amount of content for just around $5, which is a huge cost-saving. Plus, because WP Wand is a WordPress plugin, you can create content directly within your website without having to switch between different platforms or pay additional fees for monthly subscriptions.

Is WP Wand secure?

Yes, WP Wand uses OpenAI's API to generate content, which is a highly secure and trusted platform. Your data is also protected by our strict privacy policy.

Who can use WP Wand?

WP Wand is designed for website developers who use WordPress, digital agency owners, and marketers who want to create high-quality content faster and more efficiently.

Are there any limits on content generation with WP Wand?

No, there are no limits on content generation with WP Wand. You can create as much content as you need, whenever you need it.

Is WP Wand easy to use?

Yes, WP Wand is very easy to use. Simply install and activate the plugin on your WordPress website, and start generating content with just a few clicks.

Can WP Wand be used with any WordPress theme or plugin?

Yes, WP Wand is compatible with all WordPress themes and plugins, so you can use it with your existing website setup.

Do you offer refund?

Yes, we do. You are 100% covered with our 14 days money back policy.