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February 2024: Update ⚡

February 01, 2024


✅ Bulk Generation Issue: Some customers complained that bulk generation is not working in the middle of the process. That issue is fixed now.

✅ OpenAI Issue: In previous versions, customers weren’t getting proper info about the errors. We have now fixed and updated the error messages so that customers can understand where the errors are coming from.

✅ Minor Issue: We have fixed some minor issues like White Label issue on version mismatching, some prompt fixing etc.

September 2023: Second Update ⚡

September 14, 2023


✅ Custom Prompt Template Creator: We have introduced Custom Prompt Template creator from this version. Now you will be able to add your own prompts and generate content with just a single click anytime you need.

✅ Custom AI Persona Creator: Now you can create custom AI Persona to generate advanced quality content as needed.

✅ Business Information Control Inside Templates: With this feature, you will be able to decide if you want to include your business details and targeted customer details while generating content each time using templates.


✅ GPT-4 Issue: We found a bug where some customer weren’t able to generate content using GPT-4 Model. Now this issue is fixed.

September 2023: First Update ⚡

September 02, 2023


✅ Bulk Post Generator Update: Last week, we released the Bulk Post Generator Beta. In this update the bulk post generator is more powerful. 

– Add unlimited custom post title to generate bulk post
– Fine tuning settings are added before generating content.
– Content quality is improved by 5x.
– Articles now support Markdown format,
– Generated article length is increased.
– No more reloading needed. Your page will be auto-updated when any article is ready.


✅ Error While Generating Long-Form Blog Post: Sometimes while generating long-form blog post, you might have encountered with an error that your max token limit is crossed. This error is solved and you’ll never see this issue again.

August 2023: Major Update ⚡

August 24, 2023


✅ Bulk Post Generator: From this version, you will be able to create bulk posts on a single topic with just 3 or less clicks. Post generations are done in the background, that’s the reason you don’t have to wait or waste time to generate multiple blog posts from now.

July 2023: Second Update ⚡

July 28, 2023


✅ Point Of View Settings: Now you can add your point of view while generating content. This will help you generate more personalized and high converting content with just a click.


✅ AI Assistant: Our AI Assistant is improved with more features and prompts.


✅ Translation Issue Inside WooCommerce Description Creator: Previously, generating content inside WooCommerce only provided content in English. Now, you can generate content based on your default language settings.

July 2023: First Update ⚡

July 12, 2023


✅ GPT-4 Support: Now you can generate content using your GPT-4 API key.

✅ Classic Editor Support: You can use WP Wand inside classic editor now.

✅ Template Sidebar Expander: Before this, our template sidebar was smaller in width by default. Now you can expand it for better writing and editing content.


✅ Max Token Limit Issue: Previously, while generating long blog post, sometimes you might get error than max token limit is exceeded. We have solved this issue programmatically. Now you will not see this issue anymore.

June 2023: Fourth Update ⚡

June 24, 2023


✅ One Click WooCommerce Description Writer: Now you can generate persuasive and informative title and description for your WooCommerce products with a single click.

✅ Integrated with Rank Math & Yoast SEO Plugin (Beta): Write high performing SEO meta description using WP Wand with the help of popular SEO plugins like Yoast SEO & Rank Math.

✅ Generated Result History: Access to all your generated results from a single dashboard. From now, all the results you generate using our templates will be auto saved. Reuse those whenever you need.


✅ Word limit of long form blog post is improved: Previously, when you wanted to generate long form blog post or article and gave a desired word number, OpenAI failed to reach the words number you expected most of the time. We tried to fix that issue in this update. This should be solved in 99% generation.


✅ Fixed Issue: GPT-3.5-Turbo-16k model wasn’t working in Gutenberg. This issue is fixed in this version.

June 2023: Third Update ⚡

June 16, 2023


✅ White Label for Agency: Finally, white label is here. Now you can white label WP Wand plugin on unlimited client websites. You can even hide the White Label features from them.

✅ GPT-3.5-Turbo-16K: OpenAI recently released this model. We have added this to WP Wand Model list so that you can use it immediately. Now, you can generate longer content without any issues. Plus, the cost is lower than previous.


✅ ChatGPT Assistant Can Do Many More Things: In last update, we added ChatGPT assistant beta version inside WordPress editor (Gutenberg). In this update, we have improved it a lot. Now you can generate formatted content, tables, list and many more things.

✅ New Writing Tones: We have added 10+ new writing tones to give you more unique content.


✅ Fixed Issues: We have fixed some minor bugs in this update to make your content generation even smoother.

June 2023: Second Update ⚡

June 10, 2023


✅ ChatGPT Inside WordPress Editor (Beta): Now you can generate content like ChatGPT inside Gutenberg editor and improve this content using our AI Assistant.

✅ AI Image Generation Using Dall-E: You can generate beautiful images using WP Wand, all inside from your dashboard.

June 2023: First Update ⚡

June 02, 2023


✅ Sync Plugin Data: It will help you to sync our latest data (which helps you to get better results) instantly without waiting for it to update automatically.

✅ WP Wand’s Toggle Position Setting: You can now change the position of the WP Wand toggle (which opens the WP Wand panel) from side to top. It will not block your content anymore.


✅ More Language Support: Now WP Wand supports more than 40 languages.

✅ Better Results: We have made some changes on our algorithm to make the output results even better.

✅ More Content In Knowledge Base: To help you better understanding of our product, we are consistently updating our knowledge base.


✅ Fixed Issues: Lastly, we have listened to your feedbacks and fixed issues which were raised by customers like you.

May 2023: First Update 🎉

May 28, 2023


✅ Initial Release: Official release of WP Wand Pro.